Adding FxCop to VS.NET

I just ran across a simple method of integrating FxCop into the IDE. I’m sure this is what everyone wants… 🙂

  • In the IDE select Tools | External Tools
  • Select the Add button
  • For Title type "FxCop"
  • For Command: "C:Program FilesMicrosoft FxCop 1.312FxCopCmd.exe" (or whatever your path is)
  • For Arguments: /c /f:$(TargetPath) /r:"C:Program FilesMicrosoft FxCop 1.312Rules" (change your path accordingly)
  • Make sure to Check "Use Output Window"

That’s it. Select Tools | FxCop to run an analysis on the current project. The output isn’t as pretty as running the GUI version, but at least you can run it quickly without leaving the IDE.

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