I’m Back!

It’s been too long since my last post, so I have a few things to post about!  Where to start…
Kelly and I both got new vehicles a couple months ago.  I got a red 2006 Jeep Wrangler and Kelly got a green 2006 65th Edition Jeep Liberty.  When (if) the rain stops, I’ll upload some pictures.  The good news is that Lily loves both vehicles, except when I put the top down in my Jeep.  I love cruisin’ on beautiful days with the top down – doesn’t get any better!
This weekend was a blast!  Lily turned 6 on Saturday.  Kelly fed her heart-shaped pancakes in bed and Lily just giggled and giggled.  We dropped her off at Nana and Grampy’s to go to Jon and Sarah’s wedding in Stonington/Deer Isle.  We car pooled with Paul and Dyan and had a great trip down there.  The wedding was quick, but very beautiful.  Sarah was stunning and Jon looked sharp (even though he was sweating buckets!).  We went to the reception at a Legion hall/barn that was decorated very quaintly.  Jon and Sarah had been buying liquor for months prior to the wedding, so it was open-bar until all the alcohol ran out.  Quite a few folks from SRD showed up – Molly and Shawn, Rich and Suzie, Brent and Karen, and a few others from prior years.  The beer went down fast and everyone was dancing and having a great time.  I’ll post some pictures shortly.  We got a little lost on the way home (Ellsworth), but nothing too bad.
Sunday we went to Nana and Grampies and Linda made Kelly and I bacons, eggs, toast, etc.  We then took Lily home and started getting ready for her afternoon birthday at the Penobscot Valley Gymnasium.  She had a good showing of kids and all had a great time.  We left there and headed back home to clean up for the family birthday party.  We also had a good showing – Chip, Sherri, Justina, Dennis, Linda, Denny, Kim, Jody, and Kasey.  Lily made out as usual.  I’ll post a few pictures of the birthdays shortly as well.
The weather wasn’t too bad and all-in-all it was a great weekend!
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