Lego Night with Daddy

It’s been very hectic with the new move these past few weeks with constant "new house" tasks to complete.  All my time seemed to be spent on moving boxes, rearranging furniture, installing knobs, hanging pictures, etc.  On my way home from work tonight, I called ahead and relayed the message that Daddy wanted to spend some time playing with construction toys (K’NEX, Lego, etc.).  It turned out to be a very popular decision.  I came through the door and was immediately beckoned to her bedroom where she wait waiting for me.  She had already spread our "Lego Blanket" (which is really just an outdoor picnic table cloth) with some Lego already out.  I found the rest of her stash and dumped out as well and we began!  I made a fancy truck with remote control vehicles and she made the garage for it.  We had a really fun night.  Here are a few pictures our construction site:



 Update: I just realized that the pictures were blurry because our camera has a huge fingerprint on the lens!

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