New House!

I’ve been meaning to post about the new house, but I’ve been busy (see my last post).  We’ve been here for about three weeks now and things are finally calming down.  The house and neighborhood are great.  It’s so comforting to know that our street has very little traffic and all of it is slow.  Our previous road probably had an average speed of at least 50 mph conservatively.  For those just waiting for the pictures, here we go!  Here’s a good shot of the house with the new driveway:

We just barely made the cutoff with the cold weather coming.  Here’s a picture of them actually paving:

Here’s my blue front door that Kelly finally let me have:

Here’s a partial view of the neighborhood.  There are all new homes maybe less than a couple of years old.  Our address is in the woods on most of the major online map sites:

Now to some of the interior pictures.  The kitchen, dining room and living room are all open to each other:


Here’s our bedroom with Freddie (AKA Beefcake):

I don’t have a picture of the spare room or the back deck right now.  Lily’s room must be viewed in person to appreciate it.  So stop whining about the distance to Hermon and come visit!

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