We had a very quiet, but pleasant Thanksgiving this year.  Mom and Arthur made the trek up here on Wednesday.  Both stayed for a couple of nights and then Arthur left on Friday morning and Mom stayed with us in the spare bedroom.  We kept her very busy with shopping, errands, etc. much to her delight.  I also took her to see the new Bond flick Casino Royale.  IT was one of the better movies I’ve seen in a while.  Needless to say Mom was thrilled with the new Bond and just going to the movies with her baby.  I drove Mom down to Keith’s on Sunday where Arthur picked her up.  It worked out great since everyone was there – Chris, Brit, Keith, and Shelley.  They took me out to lunch and it was nice to catch up.  I ended up taking Monday off, too as a vacation from the holidays.  Kelly and I spent the day together Christmas shopping and just hanging out.  We also decorated the house with the obligatory lights.  I think it came out pretty good – not too tacky.  Overall a well deserved break! 

Here’s a good picture of Mom and a bad picture of the lights:

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