Another Tooth & Sleepover!

Lily had her friend Bailey over last night for her first sleepover (that wasn’t at Nana’s).  I wasn’t ready for the chaos that ensued.  Lily is generally a quiet girl, but when you add another to the mix, the volume is multiplied by ten at least.  To keep the girls busy, Kelly set up her chocolate fountain.  This kept the girls (and us) happy for quite a while!  During this time, Lily slipped and hit her already very loose tooth on a chair which loosed it up even more.  It was bleeding a little and she almost pulled it out, but the blood took over and she lost it.  So Super Dad pulled her fourth tooth for her (four for four!).  Here are a few pics of the event:

Needless to say I was glad to have Lily back all to myself and I won’t look forward to another sleepover anytime soon…

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