This was one of the nicest Christmas’ in a while (and not just because I got a PS3!).  It started out with an early wake up from Lily at about 6AM.  Being the torturing parents, we made her come in our bedroom and wait while Kelly made her coffee.  We called Nana and Grampy to let them know to come down and they called Denny and Kim and they called Kasey and Jeff.  It was another obscene Christmas in terms of how many gifts were under the tree.  We found a note from Santa with the leftover cookie crumbs and milk:


Kim brought a really good breakfast casserole that gave us a nice break from the chaos of opening presents.  It was so good that we devoured it before Kelly had any.  To be fair, she was too busy nursing her coffee. 

I finally opened my Playstation 3 and was not disappointed!  I’ll post more about this later.  I was most excited for Kelly to open her final present.  I gave her a Christmas card with instructions to whistle.  I received one of those keychains that beeps when you whistle to help find lost keys.  She and Lily tracked it down to under the couch and pulled out her present.  It was approximately 2′ x 5′ and covered with musical notes on a music staff.  Here’s a picture after (I forgot to take a before picture…):


Each note was a CD and the final note was a pink iPod nano.  It took forever to make this.  Kelly couldn’t figure why I needed all the wrapping paper in the cellar, as well as a four foot level and a square and a thick black magic marker and …, and why it was taking me so long to wrap all her presents.

We then went to Nana and Grampy’s to open the rest of the presents.  We hung around for a little while and then came home to get ready for the Christmas dinner at Nana and Grampy’s.  We headed back over and were joined with Denny, Kim, Jody, and Brent.  Kasey and Jeff were MIA since they were heading to Jones Port for his family’s dinner.  We all watched Lily’s Barnyard video after dinner and a few of us snoozed.  Here are a few pictures of the dinner courtesy of Jody:


Overall, it was a relaxed Christmas with great presents and good company.

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