It’s definitely not summer anymore, but it was a great summer.  We did a ton of camping at Shady Oaks Campground in Orland, ME.  We parked the camper there for most of August right next to Gail and Brian.  It was nice since we didn’t have to keep raising and lowering the camper – we just kept it up the whole time.  It was only about a 30-40 minute ride and I went directly to work from there quite a bit.  Next year we plan to be there for 6 weeks with our new camper:

100_0159 100_0155

We also spent a week in Old Orchard Beach on the 4th of July with Gail and Brian at Hid’n Pines Campground.  The girls had a great time and it’s always nice to go back home for a little while.

For an early mid-life crisis, I got a tattoo:


N’uff said.

I also was doing quite a lot of biking this summer.  A bunch of us from work would go biking on our lunch hour.  Most days we went about 15 miles, although it depended on the course and weather.  As a reward for staying with the gym, I finally replaced my 15 year old bike with a brand new Gary Fisher Marlin.  What a sweet ride!  It was worth every penny!

I can’t believe Christmas is around the corner!

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