Daddy’s Little Girl Growing Up

Lily decided that she wanted pierced earrings.  She talked to Kelly first knowing that I would the tough one to crack.  Her friend Eve (a year younger than Lily) got hers pierced this summer and she didn’t want them then.  She all of a sudden decided she wanted them.  Kelly warned me ahead to be nice and hear her out.  She told me she wanted to have a talk with Kelly and I when we got home.  She then gave her presentation about how responsible she is and how she’ll promise to take care them.  I grilled her a little bit and told her we tell her in the morning.  Kelly was definitely on her side and worked on me over a discussion.  I gave in and she got them last night.  Here are a few pictures.

She got moral support from one of her friends we ran into:


Here comes the crying:


She got her birthstone:


We were regretting the decision this morning when she wasn’t letting Kelly clean her earrings.  We warned her about infection and how we could just remove them to wait until she was older.  She eventually gave in and hopefully it will get easy each time.

It’s just hard to see my little girl grow up.

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