2012 Professional Goals

So I’ve been thinking about the last BAND gig and Greg & Jeff’s talk about professional goals. I’ve put together a list of goals professional goals for me that seem attainable given that I’m prone to procrastination.

  • Read 6 Technical Books – I enjoy reading technical books, but I never seem to finish any. I figure one book every two months is doable without stressing me out and taking the fun away. I’m not so concerned with the topics, as long as it relates to our field – .NET, web, Java, etc.
  • Blog About the Books – I’ll blog a short review (mostly for myself) but in case any other folks may be interested in it.
  • Derek’s Dope List – Continue my guilty pleasure and make sure to blog each and post to Google+, Twitter, etc.
  • Tool Series Blog – Start a series of blogs based on the tools (developer and non-developer) that I use on a regular basis. Posts could be simple to complex depending upon the utility.
  • Create an Android App – I plan to pick up an Android phone this year and write a simple Android app for it. It will be more than a screen with a textbox, but not too complex to get lost in the details.
    • Blog About Building an Android App – I will blog regularly on my progress good or bad.
    • BAND Presentation – Do a presentation to the group on my Android development experience
  • One Space After Period – This one will probably be the hardest goals to achieve since my typing class of many years ago ingrained two spaces after a period in a sentence. 🙂
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