Android 101 – The Installation

As part of my 2012 Goals, I decided to test the Android development waters. I was going to wait until I picked up my smartphone, but decided to at least get my system ready. It seems that Eclipse is the most popular development environment for Android, but since I use Intellij IDEA at work, I wanted to stay with that IDE for now. I’m going to use my home PC, so I’m using the community edition that natively supports Android development. You can check out the feature matrix here compare to the commercial version.

Conveniently, JetBrains provides a Android development wiki to help you get going. I downloaded the community edition, but didn’t install it since I want to have the prerequisites installed first. You need the Java SDK and the Android SDK. I went with version JDK SE 7u2 64-bit since I’m not restricted to running a particular version of the JDK like I am at work. It also installs JavaFX 2.0 (which you can opt out if you want). After the Android SDK is installed, it launches the Android SDK Manager to download more stuff for particular versions of Android:

I decided to go for the latest and greatest Android 4.0.3 (API15). I also downloaded the Android SDK Platform-tools. I’m hoping the latest version will have the best experience, tools, and emulators. Once you choose your packages and start the install, you get one more screen with information about each package and the obligatory accept EULA stuff:

During the download, you get another dialog showing even more details about the current package being downloaded:

Go get something to eat as it takes a while considering the multi-MB downloads. Next up, Intellij IDEA Community Edition 11.02. This was a fairly quick and uneventful install. I ran it after the install, and it checks to see if you want to import any settings from previous versions:

My machine was new, so I chose no and moved along. Note that it already has the Android plugin installed:

That’s it for now.

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