Serious Tool – Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder

I read an article a few weeks ago about a built in recorder in Windows 7 that may be useful for helping to reproduce bugs. I can’t remember the link for the article, though. It’s very easy to use, although I had no idea it existed.

From the Start menu, type "psr" (no quotes) and enter. You should see

Click "Start Record" to begin your session. It will probably tell you about windows running under administrative privileges and recommend clicking the shield icon that shows up next to the help icon. It will then restart PSR in admin mode. Click "Start Record" to begin your session again. When finished, click "Stop Recording" and it will prompt for a save location. Give it a name and it will create a zip file.

I expected some sort of video file zipped up, but it’s actually a Microsoft web archive file (.mht) containing a screenshot history of what you clicked and where. You can have it run a slideshow of all the screenshots, too.

Note that it records everything and not just the window you’re interacting with. This includes both monitors, wallpaper, and windows showing.

Looks like if you plan to use this, then only use one monitor and watch what’s visible! If you prefer video capture, I’ve had good luck with the free Jing.

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